The Pack Profile 001: George Burkett

Club or Social runner: Was club, now social, wanting to be club again.

Favorite place or route to run: Love the track, specifically: Watford Wednesday track meets, Bedford track, Lee Valley indoor and the Julie Rose Ashford.

Favorite song to run to: Don't run to music, but I did use to warm up to 'Untouched' by The Veronica’s pre 800m races. Yeah not something I should really admit 😅

Bio: George is a creative at @prettygreenthings and spent the majority of his running club career at @bedfordandcounty with a brief stint at Cambridge Harriers. By his own admission, he has some unfinished business with his competitive running and is trying to reclaim some decent levels of fitness to compete on the track once again. A Lot of his running struggles come from what he calls his ‘Pathetic Knee’ - no it’s not a medical term.