8K With A M8

It's #MedalMonday and over the weekend we got two from @ladbible for completing their 8K with a M8 challenge. We say challenge, it wasn't really about the running. It was about giving mates a reason to reconnect, chat, and talk about how they're doing during this very strange time.

As the name suggests you had to run 8K with a mate - 4K each. To enter, one of you had to sign up and invite the other to complete the second 4K (encouraging you to speak to a mate). Your runs were then verified by uploading a screenshot from your running tracker app of choice to the 8K with a M8 site. Once both 4Ks have been given the big thumbs up a digital medal and certificate were yours, but for a little bit more cash money you'd be sent a physical medal each.

The challenge was part of @ladbible recently restarted platform U OK M8? a place where men and mates can find various resources to help talk about mental health. The profits from each entry fee goes directly to Samaritans to help them continue their important work.

If you and M8 fancy doing 8K together and want some swanky medals you can sign up by going to www.8k-m8.com